Protectera Assessment Services:

We provide the consultancy based on the assessment of our customer’s existing infrastructure. We aim at leveraging the existing investments and provide vendor agnostic consulting.
We are equipped with the best of the tools to provide the health check of our customer’s IT assets. We specialize in storage and security based infrastructure assessment across major vendors.


Cyber-security Services:

The experts at Protectera are one of the best talents available in the industry to assess, design, implement, and support your network security. Our services include protecting your perimeter network, internal assets, users, customers and partners.
Our services will ensure you comply with PCI, HIPAA, ISM and SOX requirements with range of solutions from Network Monitoring and Alerting solutions, threat Management. Our experts can help you to plan, deploy and monitor your DLP strategy. We also offer compliance reporting and forensic investigation services. Our security analytics offering will help to prevent threats in real-time than fixing the damage after it has happened. Our analytics offering include: Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) solutions, Threat Analysis, Firewall policy analysis, Log Management.


Infrastructure optimization Services:

We provide technology expertise to help you maximize your investment protection and help you optimize your infrastructure to accommodate next generation workloads.