Storage Management

Meet your objectives for a high-performing, yet cost-effective hybrid cloud, private cloud, or virtual desktop environment with the right cloud data storage solution from Protectera.

Protectera understands the requirements imposed by the increased demands for data retention and storage created by server and desktop virtualization. We offer solutions to meet those demands, as well as user expectations for cloud environments. Protectera can help maximize your storage investment though accurate predictions of storage needs and performance requirements.

Backup and Recovery

In today’s society, disasters occur that go beyond hardware failures. Do you have a comprehensive contingency and disaster recovery plan to keep your business responsive during a crisis?

Whether it is a natural disaster or a power outage, Protectera understands these events and has devised strategies to ensure that your business remains operational despite unforeseen circumstances. Protectera protects your data through secure, encrypted methods of backup and replication, ensuring it is accessible only to employees with the appropriate permissions. Protectera will help you unlock new levels of business and IT efficiency by identifying, developing, and deploying customized backup and recovery solutions that address your organization’s specific needs.