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Concerned about business downtime and ransom ware attacks?
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The impact of disrupted access to your IT systems can be devastating

In a market of unprecedented risk, ransom ware and other cyber security issues threaten the resilience of your enterprise resulting in a significant cost-per-hour. Can you really afford the risk to your business-critical applications and enterprise data?

There’s a solution. Access business continuity management trusted by the world’s leading brands. As the nation’s premier disaster recovery, data protection and critical infrastructure provider, Protectera offers unparalleled strategy, protection and risk mitigation to our global family of valued clients.

Solutions we provide

Business Continuity Strategy

Craft a resilient and dynamic Business Continuity Strategy that ensures your operations thrive, even amidst unforeseen challenges. Turn disruptions into mere blips on your journey towards success.

Infrastructure Consistency

Reliability is key, and with consistent infrastructure, your business stays unshakeable. Witness the unwavering stability that keeps you running smoothly, come rain or shine.

Ransomware Protection

Build a fortress against ransomware, keeping your data secure and untouchable. Fortify your defences and sleep easy knowing your digital treasures are under vigilant protection.

Zero-Trust Security

Trust no threat with a robust Zero-Trust Security model. By verifying every access request, regardless of its origin, your business stays safeguarded against even the most insidious breaches.

Simplicity at Scale

Scale up without complexities. Achieve seamless growth with solutions that are as straightforward as they are powerful. Simplicity at scale is not just a goal, but a reality.

Third Party Extensibility

Enhance your capabilities by seamlessly integrating third-party solutions. Enjoy the flexibility and adaptability that keeps your business ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

As APAC’s leading cyber security experts, we deliver game-changing, unparalleled business continuity solutions to our valued clients

Three reasons to work with us

We’re an unrivalled data protection solutions provider

With downtime and cyber security threats increasing across the globe, it’s your investment and reputation that’s at risk. Our team of sophisticated cyber security experts work with you to assess and transform your data protection strategy, minimising unplanned outages and future-proofing the way you conceptualise and enact data availability across all platforms.

We build extraordinary data centres for unparalleled uptime

In the contemporary market, simple storage and server infrastructure no longer cuts it. As purveyors of best-in-breed hybrid cloud infrastructure, Protectera’s engineers have been designing, building and managing fully integrated, enterprise-scale data centres for more than two decades. Maximise your operational performance and maintain the availability of your business’ critical infrastructure by partnering with the industry’s best.

We offer industry-leading critical infrastructure

Why wait? Don’t leave your enterprise data security to chance any longer. We SWOT assess your current operations, then help you strategize a best-fit, 100% tailored compendium of systems, apps, networks and data management assets to ensure reliable business continuity management across all platforms.

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