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We’re APAC’s leading cyber security and enterprise data management provider.

Looking for a Cyber Security Expert Canberra businesses have trusted for decades?

With decades of world-class industry expertise, Protectera’s team of cyber security architects offer you industry-leading tools for end-to-end cyber resilience.

Your leading Cyber Security Provider in Canberra

Looking for a Cyber Security Provider Canberra has loved and trusted since the advent of cyber threat? There’s a reason why Protectera is our valued clients’ go-to when it comes to risk, compliance and effortless enterprise data management solutions.

Services and solutions we offer

Digital transformation services

Infrastructure modernization

Business continuity solutions

Multi-cloud enterprise data management

IT solutions

Risk, governance and compliance advisory

Security assurance and
testing services

Specialist, tailored
security solutions

Critical incident management, response and future mitigation

Problems we help you solve

Cyber threat management, response and mitigation

data management issues

Lack of overarching cyber security/IT strategy and advisory

IT systems

Ensuring safe, secure and resilient work from home setups

Hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud data management

Enterprise IT policy development and/or refresh

….and much more. With capabilities as broad as ours, it’s not possible to list everything here. To find out more, reach out to our expert team today and receive a response within 24hr.

Looking for Cyber Security Companies Canberra enterprises have reached out to for decades?

You’ve found us. All Cyber Security Companies are not created equal. Leverage Protectera’s decades of world-class industry expertise and you access a whole new era of cyber security excellence for your enterprise and investment.

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Digital Transformation

Don’t just upgrade. Transform. Enjoy a vastly more intelligent, resilient and automated workplace today.

Cyber Security

Premier cyber security for contemporary enterprise. Our team of experts offers you world-class, end-to-end cyber resilience.