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$ 4.45million

Global average cost of data breach in 2023


Average number of attacks per organization per week

$ 10.5trillion

Predicted cybercrime costs by 2025


Time taken by organizations to detect & report a Data Breach

A new era in
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Protectera is the nation’s premier boutique cyber security and enterprise data management solutions provider. We offer world-class, supremely innovative cyber security products and services tailored to address your unique level of business risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is cybersecurity important for my organisation?

In today’s interconnected world, cybersecurity is paramount. A single breach can jeopardise sensitive data, erode customer trust, and lead to significant financial losses. Cybersecurity safeguards your business against these threats, ensuring uninterrupted operations and protecting your reputation.

What cybersecurity products and services do you offer?

At Protectera, we offer a wide range of cybersecurity solutions, from threat detection and endpoint protection to cloud security, penetration testing, and niche, bespoke solutions. Our diverse portfolio from industry leaders ensures tailored, top-tier security coverage for all needs.

Do you provide services like Penetration Testing and Red Teaming?

Indeed, we do. Among our broad spectrum of services, we provide penetration testing, red teaming, and a host of other cybersecurity assessments. Our aim is to pinpoint vulnerabilities and recommend robust solutions to fortify your security posture.

Can I get a customised cybersecurity solution based on my business needs?

Absolutely! Every business has unique cybersecurity needs. Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and challenges. Based on this, we tailor a cybersecurity package that provides optimal protection for their digital landscape.

We are still determining our organisation's position on its cyber journey. How can you assist?

We provide a cybersecurity maturity assessment; a tool designed to evaluate and detail your current security stance. Post-assessment, we offer clear recommendations for advancement. This ensures you gain a lucid understanding of your current position and the steps necessary to enhance your cybersecurity journey.

Why should we choose your company over other cybersecurity providers?

Choosing Protectera means you’re prioritising quality, expertise, and comprehensive coverage. Our mission is to simplify technology while offering the highest calibre of security. By merging innovative solutions with foundational security principles, we’re committed to helping our clients traverse the intricate digital terrain with both safety and efficiency in mind.

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