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In a world of legacy data management and new-age private and public clouds

The contemporary workplace shoulders an impressive application workload and resulting data-based needs. At Protectera, our hybrid IT services help you plan, design, implement, automate, sustain and effectively manage world-class hybrid IT networks that enable a world of digital transformation.

Our hybrid IT services offer industry-leading, outcomes-based data advisory, revolutionizing the way you do business. By connecting home office, branch office, head office, data centre, cloud, community, and beyond, we support extensive innovation, help boost productivity and increase employee engagement.

Problems we help you solve

Infrastructure and Data Modernization

Revitalize your legacy systems, ushering them into a new age of efficiency and innovation. With modernized infrastructure and data solutions, breathe fresh life into your IT landscape.

Transforming Unreliable Connectivity Across Data Centers

Turn connectivity woes into relics of the past by ensuring seamless communication between data centres. Experience unwavering connections that are as reliable as they are fast.

Increased Data Access Speed and Agility

Turbocharge your data access with solutions that bring unparalleled speed and nimbleness. Glide through data-heavy tasks with the grace and agility of a digital ballet.

Remote Work Solutions

Empower your remote workforce with solutions that make geographical boundaries irrelevant. Seamless, efficient, and robust – remote work has never been this empowering.

Streamlining Applications

Simplify your application landscape by streamlining processes, ensuring lean operations and swift execution. Experience application management that’s as smooth as a well-oiled machine.

Visibility and IT Performance Management

Gain crystal-clear visibility into your IT ecosystem and fine-tune performance. With meticulous management solutions, watch your IT operations thrive in clarity and precision.

As APAC’s premier systems integration experts, we deliver unparalleled Hybrid IT services, and solutions to our clients

Three reasons to work with us

Everything we offer is secure by design

At Protectera, we are the architects of outstanding network security, protecting your communications and the integrity of your enterprise data management. We design, built and onboard best-in-breed network security systems that optimise your workflow, supercharge your incident response and boost your cyber resilience.

We help you ensure reliable remote working environments

Smart, flexible and cyber resilient workplaces are this era’s must-have. Protectera helps you make the most of the new working with flexible and responsive data management systems that are secure by design. Enable secure, seamless and scalable connectivity across your entire operation today.

We facilitate effortless, software-defined networking

Protectera’s hyper-reliable infrastructure and hybrid IT services offer you seamless connectivity both within and around your enterprise. Our SD-WAN services include everything you need to put your organisation at the forefront of security-assured operation: MPLS VPN, SASE, EDGE Network, and more.

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