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Mention of ransomware, malware and cyber crime is enough to send shivers up anyone’s spine

But not ours. Protectera’s team of world-class cyber security experts provide leading IT security solutions for enterprises looking to supercharge their cyber resilience. With two decades of combined experience, our team helps you maintain a cyber resilient enterprise built to withstand today’s complex challenges.

As a leading IT security company, our solutions architects build bespoke, fully integrated solutions spanning web and email security, mobile security, end-point security, identity services, infrastructure protection, network security, access and authentication, cloud security and more. Never again worry about threat gaps – we’ve got you covered.

Our Solution Benefits

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Empower network endpoints to swiftly detect and counteract threats. Real-time monitoring and immediate remediation are cornerstones of EDR solutions, ensuring the safety of digital assets.

Email Security

Protect inboxes from phishing, malware, and spam with cutting-edge Email Security solutions. This approach ensures that every communication remains confidential, secure, and free from malicious intent.

Identity and Access Management

Control user access and enhance security through robust Identity and Access Management. Meticulous policies and controls grant appropriate access to resources efficiently.

Zero Trust

Adopt a Zero Trust security model, emphasizing rigorous access controls and continuous verification. Strict policies and robust verification processes create an impenetrable security environment.

Data Protection

Safeguard data with comprehensive protective measures, spanning encryption to backups. Data Protection services ensure confidentiality, compliance, and controlled access to valuable information.

SOC as a Service

Experience 24/7 threat monitoring and expert intervention with SOC as a Service. This approach prioritizes proactive cybersecurity, ensuring that an organization’s defences are always vigilant and resilient.

As the nation’s leading cyber security experts, we deliver unrivalled IT security solutions and infrastructure to our clients

Three reasons to work with us

We deliver unparalleled enterprise security

Tailored solutions are effective solutions. Protectera’s team of secure enterprise engineers offer you world-class cyber threat intelligence, applying their knowledge and skill to implementing high-tech solutions to defend against hacking, malware, ransomware, insider threats and all types of cybercrime. Think secure enterprise servers, email, access and identity management, cloud workloads, mobile security, and more.

We secure your entire IT portfolio

Today’s remote workforces require IT security companies to protect a wide range of networks with 24/7 access. So, things can go wrong. Regardless, it’s how you manage the situation that matters. At Protectera, we realise that prevention is better than cure. While we’ll work like wildfire to identify, assess and mitigate the threats you face, we also help you build the critical infrastructure needed to avoid it happening in the first place.

We offer world-first PACE testing

Concerned about your security? Our specialised Protectera Accelerated Cyber Security Evaluations (PACE) will put your mind to rest. We’ll undertake a complete security audit of your current systems and quickly identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. We’ll also conduct security tests and an in-depth evaluation of your network security. Finally, enjoy a range of bespoke, ongoing enterprise data security measures to future-proof your greatest asset.

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