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In the contemporary setting, security teams across the industry are beginning to struggle with larger attack surfaces

Disparate security management tools, and insufficient staff cohorts lacking the skills required to manage increasing threats. But not here. At Protectera, our managed security services fortify your security arsenal by offering monitoring services that span your endpoints, network, email and hybrid cloud workloads.

We augment technology with services like penetration testing, threat hunting, monitoring and advanced analytics to provide our customers a complete, coherent peace of mind. We amplify your security operations by ensuring sophisticated, seamless integration between people, process and technology for smart and efficient, 24/7 operations.

Protectera offers a range of services spanning managed Security Operations Center (SOC), Cyber Security as a Service (SOCaaS), managed detection and response (MDR), and XDR (Extended Detection and Response) needs.

Services we provide

Managed end-point and email

Protectea’s security experts proactively detect and respond to advanced security threats like malware, ransomware, phishing and social engineering campaigns. To offer complete peace of mind, we even combat insider threats looking to steal intellectual property or valuable company assets.

Managed next-gen firewall

Protectera’s exemplary managed next-gen firewall delivers intelligence-enhanced threat protection and 24/7 security device health and event monitoring. We include the management of any changes, patching as required, and all necessary security and threat intelligence upgrades.

Threat intelligence services

Everything we do is designed to build cyber security resilience – now, and into the future. Leveraging industry-leading technology and decades of experience, Protectera offers you unparalleled visibility into the threats that matter most to your business. Our proactive approach redefines your enterprise capabilities to prevent and combat cyber attacks.

Backup as a service

Backup and restoration is the most critical aspect of business continuity. Managed by our experienced infrastructure and cyber security engineers, we offer near real-time data backup and recovery as a service (BaaS) with multiple levels of redundancies for your virtual and hybrid infrastructure. We put the power in your hands, giving you the option to choose the level of protection that suits your business needs and goals.

Critical incident management and response

Built for your protection, Protectera’s incident response service is an industry-leading agreement set up in advance of potential cyber incidents. This entitles businesses to advanced support, guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and priority access to a wide range of incident response efforts and remediation strategies.

Vulnerability management as a service

At Protectera, we don’t just offer basic scanning: we help you identify and define key risk areas and customize security and data management reporting for clear visibility. We analyze and interpret results to engage in the appropriate remediation activities, helping you build a strong, smart and determined cyber resilience program.

As the nation’s leading cyber security experts, we deliver unrivalled Managed Security Services to our clients

Three reasons to work with us

We offer proactive threat-hunting and world-class managed security services

To increase business agility and boost cyber resilience, the world’s leading enterprises are increasingly turning to managed solutions and security services providers. And yet, all providers are not created equal. At Protectera, our engineers leverage industry-leading technologies and decades of combined expertise to offer you bullet-proof cyber defence and complete peace of mind.

We don’t just manage incidents - we prevent them

By engaging a managed security expert and trusted cyber security partner, you leverage years of industry experience and technical capability. Engage Protectera’s expert cyber security architects on a retainer basis and see your cyber defense capability increase beyond belief: reduce your response time, minimize breach impact, and recover faster than ever.

Our managed detection and response services are bespoke-designed to protect your greatest assets.

We facilitate ongoing security insights

Leverage Protectera’s extraordinary security insights and metrics with our industry-leading threat intelligence and automation tools. Looking to develop a comprehensive Cyber Security Incident Response (IR) Plan? We help you develop a set of accessible, practical and easy-to-implement systems, analyses and guidelines for identifying and managing a range of security incidents including ransomware, network incidents, data theft and malware detection.

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