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Protectera’s vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and cyber security assurance services offer you the most comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities that undermine your cyber resilience

.Our world-class penetration testing simulates a scheduled, authorized cyberattack in order to evaluate the performance of your security systems. We partner with you to assess the risk appetite of your business, identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, and analyse the capabilities of your cyber security program and hybrid IT infrastructure

Services We Provide

Penetration Testing

Probe systems to identify exploitable vulnerabilities before attackers get a chance. Real-world attack simulations fortify defences, ensuring robust security.

Red Teaming

Experience the intensity of real-world cyber-attack simulations that challenge security measures and unveil hidden weaknesses. This approach thinks like attackers to enhance readiness and resilience.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Secure mobile applications by identifying vulnerabilities ranging from authentication issues to data leakage. This ensures that apps deliver not just functionality but also paramount security.

Purple Team As A Service

Maximize the security posture by combining offensive and defensive strategies. This service blends Penetration Testing and defensive measures for comprehensive security enhancements.

Social Engineering

Guard against manipulative attacks by training staff to recognize and respond to deceptive tactics. This approach builds human firewalls to protect valuable information.

Source Code Review

Ensure that code is not just functional but also secure. This service scrutinizes the codebase for vulnerabilities and flaws, integrating security from the ground up.

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Three reasons to work with us

We offer world-class security advisory and policy drafting

Sophisticated cyber security policy ensures consistency, accountability, efficiency, and clarity on how your business operates from a best-practice and policy perspective. But don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in. Build cyber resilience from the ground up with Protectera, Australia’s most trusted team of cyber security experts.

We help you navigate IT security legislation with ease

Regulatory mandates can be difficult to understand. Back yourself with Australia’s leading cyber security experts and we’ll help you develop refined, 100% tailored policy in your journey towards meeting and exceeding your compliance obligations. We help you launch, identify and mitigate security gaps then scale reliable, automated processes to take your enterprise compliance to all-new standards.

We make merger and acquisition simple

The process of merger and acquisition can be fraught with uncertainty, and especially when it comes to cyber security, risk and enterprise data management. We pride ourselves on insightful, cost-efficient, high-value audits that present a detailed account of assets’ cyber security capability prior to merger and acquisition. Protect yourself from undue risk, costs and reputational damage and let our highly trained experts take it from here.

Rest easy knowing we hold the gold standard industry standard certifications

OSCP certification issued by Offensive Security

OSWP certification, the Wireless sister-certification to the OSCP

OSTMM Professional Security Tester (OPST)

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