Security Awareness is key to Cybersecurity behaviour change- What it is and its benefits

Nowadays all our business activities are online. We work, communicate, and interact online, and our reliance on cyber security has increased accordingly. The increased use of the internet and mobile usage gives cybercriminals even more opportunities to exploit our vulnerabilities.

What Is Cyber Security Awareness?
The weakest link in any organization’s digital security system are human beings. People make mistakes, forget things, or fall for fraudulent practices. That’s where cyber security awareness comes in. This involves educating employees on the different cyber security risks and threats. Employees must learn the best practices and procedures for keeping networks and data secure. By making employees aware of the scope of the threats and what’s at stake if security fails, cyber security specialists can shore up this potential vulnerability.

What Are the Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training?

  • A well-trained staff poses less of a risk to the overall security of an organization’s network.
  • There is a reduction in financial losses due to cyber-crime. Therefore, a company that allocates funds for cyber security awareness training for employees will experience a return on that investment.
  • If all employees get training in cyber security practices, there will be less likelihood of lapses in protection should someone leave the company. The chances that a security breach will occur because a critical employee wasn’t at work that day gets drastically reduced.
  • A company with security-aware personnel will have a better reputation with consumers. A business that is repeatedly subject to security breaches will lose customers as a result of negative publicity.

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